Mr. Paul Toor

Founder / Head Instructor

Mr. Toor is currently a certified 4Th-degree black belt in the International Taekwon-Do Federation. Mr. Toor started his Taekwon-Do career in 1985 in Hamilton Ontario.

Mr D Semerak

Assistant Instructor

Mr. Semerak is a certified 4th Degree Black Belt with over 30 yrs experience.

Mr Rocks 2nd degree

Assistant Instructor

Mr Rocks is certified 2nd Dan Blackbelt Over 37 years of experience who also holds a Blackbelt in Karate, WTF,ITF who also currently lives in Milton Ontario

Kareena Toor


Ms Kareena Toor is certified who holds the rank of 2nd Dan Blackbelt

Mrs Sukhi Sahota


Mrs Sukhi Sahota is certified who hold the rank of 1st Dan Blackbelt

Mrs Arthi

Assistant Instructor

Mrs. Arthi 1st Degree Black Belt